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In 2000, YING-HAI (Shen Zhen) Industry DEV.CO., LTD. was established

In 2001, FINECASA, our exclusive brand, was created and succeeded in registration of this trade mark in nearly 100 countries.

In 2002, YING-HAI passed ISO9000:2000 quality management system certification

In 2005, YING-HAI set up longgang branch

In 2006, YING-HAI passed ISO14000 environmental protection system certification

In 2007, we achieved the award of the Most Influential Enterprise of Shenzhen.

In 2011, we approved the audit of Business Social Compliance Initiative.
In 2015, YING-HAI (ShenZhen) Industry DEV.CO., LTD. achieved the reorganization and transformation into stock company, renamed FINECASA (ShenZhen) Porcelain Incorporated Company.